Deferred Benefits Web Application


The project aimed to develop a web-based application facilitating the client to manage the deferred payments for lawyers’ earnings. These earnings were invested by JPDS across diverse financial instruments such as mutual funds and stocks. The application encompassed a user-friendly web interface catering to internal administration and participants (lawyers).


Administrators possessed the capability to oversee clients, manage record-keepers, and generate comprehensive reports, while participants gained access to insights into their individual investments.

Challenge & Solution

For an effective execution of the project, it was critical that our experts understood understand the nuances of deferred benefits and integrate functionalities to handle diverse financial instruments and investment portfolios to perfection. The team went the extra mile to work closely with the client’s technical and business stakeholders and attain 100% clarity on the subject and the nitty-gritties involved, the scope and the client expectations, before heading to the developments stage.


Current Status

The web-based application continues to serve our client’s needs effectively. Our team has been maintaining the application for more than 8 years now.

The application provided by the team has revolutionized our ability to manage deferred payments efficiently. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities have greatly benefited both our administrative team and the participating lawyers.