One for all. All for one.

At Excelgens, the unique diiferences between cultures, geographies and capabilities is not only acknowledged but leveraged for success, for all. 

Diversity & Inclusion is central to our evolution

Since inception, DEI has been at the heart of our company. As a woman-owned business, we know firsthand the importance of creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity in all its forms. We understand that our team’s varied perspective and experiences bring forth innovation, creativity, and unique problem-solving approaches.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond the workplace, and we strive to create a culture of respect, equity, and inclusion for everyone, whether they are our employees, customers or partners.

We foster an evironment where it’s easy to belong & grow!




Equal Opportunity

Shared Success

We strive to create a workplace that is open, supportive & welcoming for all individuals.

Mona Krishan, President at Excelgens


We are always striving to create an environment where all employees can be the best version of themselves.

Valuing Differences

Recognizing and valuing differences so we become a resilient, more flexible and innovative company.


Integrating the diverse skills and experiences to provide our people and clients with a rich work experience.

Supplier diversity

We invest in diversity initiatives and actively seek business partnerships with companies and individuals with varied backgrounds and capabilities. We value our supplier partnerships which helps us to serve our clients much more efficiently. Excelgens welcomes partnership with strong certified women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, veteran owned small business entities.