Contributing to a sustainable future

We are committed to creating positive impacts within our organization, for all our stakeholders, for the society and the planet. our technology, solutions and our people’s expertise.

The work that we are doing as part of our corporate social responsibility, is a continuous journey that we regularly review and whenever required take action to change and evolve our path.

We continually work on building trust and transparency. We take complete accountability for our business practices and strive to become the driver of positive change.

Employee Advocacy

It is the policy of ExcelGens to maintain the highest level of professional and ethical conduct in our business affairs. We place the utmost importance upon our reputation for honesty, integrity and high standards. Our policies reaffirm the importance of the standards in our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, including strict compliance with all laws - federal, state, local and international - which affect our business.

Our standards are maintained through the actions and conduct of all ExcelGens personnel. Our hard-earned reputation for the highest standards of business conduct is of the greatest importance to us.

Revisions to the Ethics Program may be issued from time to time to reflect expansions or changes in applicable laws and regulations.


We work with all our stakeholders to uphold high ethical standards and actively strive to create positive social and environmental impacts.

Samit Mehta, COO

Waste Management Policy

Each ExcelGens location partners with the local waste haulers and recycling vendors and ensure that we generate minimal waste and recycle whatever waster is generated.

Water Management Policy

We partner with the local water utility companies to know and implement ways to minimize the overall water consumption and wastage for all our office locations.

Human Resources Policy

We focus on respect for the individual, high ethical standards and workforce diversity. We maintain high standards for labor and human rights across our global workforce.

Environment Sustainability

  • We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and implement procedures to reuse and recycle resources at our facilities..
  • We take measures to reduce energy consumption in our office spaces, such as using energy-efficient lighting, equipment and implementing paperless initiatives.
  • We consider the environmental impact of our procurement decisions and seek to source sustainable materials and products whenever possible.
  • We support community initiatives that promote environmental awareness and sustainability and encourage our employees to volunteer in community-based environmental projects.
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