Everyone gives

Each of us at Excelgens is committed to being responsible in managing the impact we create on the environment, our people, clients and vendors.

Contributing to a sustainable future

We are committed to creating positive impacts within and outside of our organization, for people and the planet.

The work we do as part of our corporate social responsibility is a continuous journey that we regularly review and whenever required take action to change and evolve our path.

We contunally work on building trust and tranparency. We take complete accountability for our business practices and strive to become the driver of positive change.

At Excelgens, sustainability is not just a business priority. It’s culture and a way to be.

Samit Mehta, COO, Excelgens

Purpose-led Policies

Waste Management

Each Excelgens location partners with the local waste haulers and recycling vendors to ensure that we generate minimal waste and recycle it.

Water Management

We partner with the local water utility companies to know and implement ways to minimize the overall water consumption and wastage for all our office locations.

Human Resolurces

We focus on respect for the individual, high ethical standards and workforce diversity. We maintain high standards for labor and human rights across our global workforce.