Boost bottomline with the talent
you deserve

Boost bottomline
with the talent
you deserve

Despite new automation tools, staffing continues to be a long, inefficient and risky process. What’s needed is an integrated system that consistently produces right-fit hires, who can hit the ground running.

Watch business grow while we take care of IT

What if there were a reliable partner who ‘gets’ your business urge like his own and can minimise production time so you can maximise showtime!

Global payrolling made simple and stress-free

Rising contingent workforce also throws up the complexity of managing multiple local regulations, pay rates, and worker benefits. Add to it the risk of losing your handpicked talent to calculation errors. Keep it smooth. Make them stay!

No bumps. No halts. Keep business running
smooth and secure

No bumps.
No halts.
Keep business
smooth and secure

Nothing must stop the game. Least of all data and security breaches. Stay adaptive. Stay ahead. Ride the fast changing digital landscape with assured security and enhaced productivity.

People at the heart of it all

We invest in our people. We celebrate their differences. And feeding off each other’s successes, together, we win. A certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Excelgens’ culture of living diversity goes beyond the workplace, to suppliers, clients and community.

We’re passionate about developing meaningful interactions with people and technology


Empowering businesses with the right

technology & the technologists


We’re the choice of the choicest



Those who work with us, love us!

“I wanted to thank you for your work and how great the team has been. They really work very hard and have given a great name to ExcelGens. Their skill and work ethic is truly special and is deserving of the highest honor. ”
Program Manager
“We've been pushing the team quite hard in the past few months, and the team has responded brilliantly.  We appreciate the hard work, extra-long hours and quality results that the entire team has been delivering! ”
“The ExcleGens dev team has consistently been working hard to deliver the functionality and reports that the client has asked us to develop. This is greatly helpful for us to meet our deadline.  I appreciate it .”


Working with the best to deliver the best