Achieving, together


Our client, offering Retirement Services, was looking to transition their legacy MS Access application into an advanced web-based platform. When we embarked on this exciting transformative journey, the scope went beyond migration of the application to include seamless migration of their critical database to SQL Server and the establishment of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) on Azure DevOps. 


Embracing Agile methodology, our development strategy unfolded in phased iterations. This method allowed for adaptable planning and continuous feedback incorporation, ensuring a flexible and responsive approach to the project’s evolving needs. While we integrated the existing functionalities essential for proficient 401k plan management, we also developed new ones to make the new platform more effective and future ready.

Challenge & Solution

The application had complex financial logic and to make the project successful it was important for our team to understand these interactions. This demanded comprehensive engagements with the client’s business and financial specialists.


Current Status

Having migrated the legacy application onto a new tech stack, our team has continually supported and refined the platform for over 8 years, ensuring its seamless operation.

The team's dedication to Agile methodologies and technical capabilities greatly streamlined our project. Their phased approach and adaptability in incorporating feedback were pivotal in delivering a robust, efficient web-based platform for our company.

Head - Financial Systems