Indentity Acess Management (IAM)

Our IAM professionals can help you turn your vision of an identity program into reality.

Excelgens provides comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to help organizations secure their digital assets. We understand the importance of IAM in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.


Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to identify their unique business needs and develop customized IAM solutions that meet their specific requirements. We have experience with a range of IAM technologies such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM).


Our solutions are designed to be scalable, flexible, and user-friednly, ensuring compliance and a seamless user experience. Whether you need assistance with IAM stragey and planning, implementation, or ongoing support and maintenance, Excelgens is your trusted partner in IAM services.


Our IAM Services


Identify lifecycle processes, information security and compliance approach, evaluation of product, IAM architecture, role engineering and administration.


Preparing detailed design, customizing IAM tools, development, deployment, rollout, migration and consolidation. Access Provisioning support.

Access Management

Enterprise Provisioning System, Provisioning Support and Password Management, Access Reconciliation and Certification, and Knowledge Management.

Lifecycle Management

 Assessing compliance and controls evaluation, audits and reports.

Identity Management Cybersecurity

ExcelGens cyber security experts understand hacker strategies, their methods and commonly used tactics. ExcelGens helps organizations prevent successful cyber security attacks by offering a full range of identity management cyber security software and IT services that assure information security and network integrity.

Data Protection

From the physical and virtual data center to the cloud, ExcelGens helps organizations remain protected, compliant, and in control. ExcelGens encryption and cryptographic services enable organizations to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environments.

Threat Intelligence

ExcelGens cyber threat intelligence services can protect your intellectual property and sensitive data in two critical ways:


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